3 Best Amazon Seller Forums World Wide

Amazon Seller Forum

The internet could be a friendly resource for learning. One of the most effective ways to boost your eCommerce knowledge is forums. There is an excess of various options out there; therefore for your convenience, we tend to have compiled an inventory of 3 of the best eCommerce forums we feel offer price to you as an Amazon vendor. You’ll notice numerous helpful information and useful sellers on these forums covering a good range of topics from promoting to fulfillment methods.

Amazon isn’t just – a technology company primarily based in Seattle, Washington. It’s additionally the world’s largest online marketplace. In addition to Amazon.com, they concentrate on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, client products, mobile applications, package delivery and provision, digital streaming services, and are even within the food market industry via Whole Foods. Amazon’s actuation looks to be addressing the various problems consumers face every day.

Amazon’s Official Seller Forum

Amazon Seller Central allows you to discuss selling on Amazon and different Amazon services with fellow sellers. Forum threads embrace general marketing questions, facilitate for brand new sellers, FBA queries, and various Amazon services like Amazon Payments.

Flowster’s Amazon Sellers Forum

Flowster’s Amazon Seller Forum is another excellent resource for Amazon Sellers and different eCommerce entrepreneurs. It’s absolving to be part of and straightforward to induce started sharing stories or commenting on other member’s queries.

The discussion categories include:

  • Human Resources (managing a virtual team, worker onboarding, recruiting, etc.)
  • Fulfillment (shipping, warehouse management, third-party fulfillment, etc.)
  • Traffic Sources (PPC, email marketing, social media, SEO, content selling, crowdfunding)
  • Management (delegation, leadership)
  • eCommerce Marketplaces (including Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet)
  • Product Sourcing (pricing and negotiations, marketer relations, etc.)
  • Financial Management (accounting, accounting, fundraising)
  • Software & Tools (Shopify, SaaS applications, project management tools, and more)
  • Store Management (copywriting, branding, video and photography, etc.)

Tamebay’s Amazon Seller Forum

Although not a forum, Tamebay could be a nice resource for United Kingdom sellers marketing on Amazon and eBay. Sellers will sustain to this point with all the newest happenings and developments across the eCommerce world. Its updated overtimes and you’ll sign up to their account for a daily round-up of the highest news to be delivered straight to your inbox.

Tamebay additionally provides a handy eCommerce guide to top merchant software like RepricerExpress and ebooks covering a large range of helpful topics. You’ll realize the articles well written and informative and that they even have some inflent guest bloggers, including yours truly.

The site was founded by C. Dawson and Sue Bailey, 2 British Power Sellers. They traded on eBay for nearly 20 years, and have over 50,000 positive feedback comments (and merely two negatives!). Dan Wilson, the author of creating severe cash on eBay UK, Amazon, and the far side, is currently co-editor at Tamebay.

How Amazon Sellers Account Works

Amazon Sellers are merchants that don’t seem to be connected with Amazon Inc. These merchants are freelance and use the Amazon Marketplace platform for marketing their products. The Amazon Marketplace acts because of the “middleman,” connecting customers with sellers.

Transactions dead through the Amazon Marketplace are done line online. Products are shipped to the buyer, whereas services are delivered through email or various online services.

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