7 Major Lawyer Website Development Mistakes To Avoid

People are looking for all kinds of solutions on the internet rather than searching in the real world. Attorneys, just like other professionals need websites to promote themselves among prospective clients. However, some severe lawyer website development mistakes can easily ruin their chances of getting new cases. Most legal professionals commit the error of not engaging developers who specialize in lawyer website design. This leads to the development of an inefficient interface which fails to perform optimally. A lot of law firm owners are unable to beat the competition because of a weak presence in the virtual world. All lawyers or legal firm owners must avoid the following mistakes if they wish to acquire a good quality website.

1- Inefficient And Confusing Navigation

While creating a website for a legal professional, the emphasis must be on simplicity and functionality. Visitors must be able to navigate across the different sections of the interface quickly. In case the organization assists in multiple practice areas, then different pages must be created for each one of them. The links to all these pages must be included under a title like “Services” or “Practice Areas” and displayed in the header. A search field can also be contained on all pages to help people in locating what they are looking for.

2- Failure To Update Content 

Content always plays a vital role in improving the visibility of an interface. Search engines, while assessing the quality of a website check the frequency with which new content is added to it. Interfaces which update their content regularly are after some time recognized as authoritative voices in their respective domains. However, it is generally seen that attorneys do not pay much attention to this aspect. This is one of the biggest reasons that legal professional websites fail to generate expected returns. One of the best ways to post fresh content is by adding a blog to the interface. This will help an attorney earn a reputation as an expert in his/her practice area.

3- No Calls To Action

The aim of getting an interface is to attract more new clients. However, it cannot be expected that everyone who visits the website will hire the professional. There must be a feature to encourage people to get in touch with the attorney. Calls to action help in this purpose by motivating visitors to take the desired effect. Many lawyers do not understand the significance of these useful features. An easily visible CTA button with a compelling message will encourage people to hit it. Instead of mentioning in the content that you provide the first consultation free of cost, it will be more appropriate to communicate the same through a CTA. A tab with a message like “Schedule a free consultation now” will be much more attractive than acceptable content.

4- Failing To Focus On A Specific Audience

One of the most prominent lawyer website development mistakes is the failure to focus on a specific type of clients. It does not matter if the organization possesses expertise in multiple fields. Initially, they must look to target only a particular section of the audience. This will help in devising a clear strategy for promoting the page of that practice area in the virtual world. The keyword planning and content marketing strategy will also revolve around only that specific website section. This will help that particular page to appear prominently in the related searches and allow the domain to establish itself in the virtual world. Trying to promote all the practice areas at once will never be a productive strategy.

5- Absence Of Social Sharing Features  

Social media, not just a platform for making new friends and connecting with existing ones. It has become an essential avenue for promoting products and services. Attorneys must look to build a strong presence on social channels to extend their reach among the target audience. They must avoid making the error of not including social sharing buttons on their interfaces. Having this feature will allow visitors to share content they like with their followers. For instance, a lawyer posts an incisive piece on a recent court decision in a famous case. A reader who loves the article can share it by simply clicking the share button of her preferred network like Twitter. Now the content will be exposed to all her followers, some of whom impressed by the professional’s knowledge, visit the website for more such information.

6- Failure To Ensure Mobile-friendliness

Another error that can cost attorneys dearly is not ensuring mobile-friendliness of their interfaces. Smart devices are mostly driving modern day internet traffic. People are using their phones and other handheld gadgets to search for products and solutions. It is essential that an interface is enabled to render correctly on all kinds of devices irrespective of their screen dimensions. The best law firm website designs are responsive. They are displayed seamlessly on all types of machines and provide a satisfying user experience.

7- Absence Of Visual Brand Identity Elements

A website provides an excellent opportunity to build a brand. However, most attorneys fail to seize the chance and create an interface with generic elements. They must get professionals to design an attractive logo for their firm. It will also be sensible to choose a colour scheme for the interface which must also be used along with the logo in physical instruments like official stationery and business cards.


A virtual interface is an excellent tool for promoting a legal organization among its target audience. To widen the reach and attract new clients, these lawyer website development mistakes must be avoided at all costs.

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