As a celebrity, you have to face ups and downs. It is not easy to become a celebrity: As a celebrity, you have to face ups and downs. It is not easy to become a celebrity, but after making a celebrity, you don’t need to think about your future. For becoming a celebrity, you must have to be a model at first after being a successful model you become an actress or actor.

But, it a truth that after being a celebrity you have to face the reel world which is different from the real world. So, it is not easy work ‘acting.’ For that, you must have to collect a lot of talent to attract people through your boldness and acting as well.

As a celebrity, you have to face ups and downs. It is not easy to become a celebrity

Here we are listing five major advantages of being a celebrity:

1. Become famous: After becoming a celebrity, you become famous among the people like Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber. Subjects that means ordinary people will start recognizing you. It is all about called famous and reputation. You can use your power where ever you want. You become a significant person. People will take an appointment to meet with you. You can achieve several celebrities without an appointment. Not only in case of you, Your parents, kith, and kin also become famous. They may feel proud due to your work.

As a celebrity, you have to face ups and downs. It is not easy to become a celebrity

2. High income: You may income higher money through acting. It will give a lot of money with a proper reputation as well. It will help to live a proud and high-maintenance lifestyle. You can also influence the lifestyle of your parents as well. If you are incoming higher money then you can donate it to the trust, I think it is heavy duty and should be performed by all as it will give reputation and a lot of blessing as well.

3. A large fan following: You may get a massive fan following like Shawn Mendes due to become a celebrity. The fan has a lot of power. As the blessing of the fan, you may become higher in whatever industry you are. The star who has a lot of fans that means he has a lot of income. You should try to interact with your fan always. That will give proper support to hit a film or drama as well.

4. Special treatment:  If you become a celebrity that means you will get special treatment wherever you go. That will give another reputation; I hope you know what I want to say actually! You will get proper attachment at the time of the specific incident, special occasion, and all places as well. People will be accommodated to take selfy with you, and some of them provide to take the signature. That will give you super fame in society as well.

5.Other opportunities: You will get these opportunities as well like Become a public figure, become a role model, By your acting, you may become an idol, Get opportunities in all incident so and so.

Here we are listing five major disadvantages of being a celebrity:

1. Not become a general person: You will not live like a general person. You can not travel with your family in public transport. You can not go out to move around with your parents. You will not be able to go regular shopping with your parents, can not play with your friends. That means you will not suffer a healthy life. That may affect your normal psychological lifestyle.

As a celebrity, you have to face ups and downs. It is not easy to become a celebrity

2. Controversy: As a celebrity, you have to deep in the well of controversy. It may be whatever controversy it is. Some controversy is ethical, but some may be carrier affected controversy. So, as a celebrity, you should have to stay away from the discussion. It is because controversy can change your daily lifestyle and psychological appearance as well. So, you should try to stay away from the controversy.

3. Criticize: As an actor or actress, you should have to criticize by the critics. As some critic will appreciate your work and some of them will dislike your job. So, from here criticism starts, and you have to face it. But according to me, life is all about a second chance then you have to face it, and you have to learn from it. And start your journey from where the place you are, so it is a reasonable truth to become positive and stay hopeful in the glamour industry as well in life.

4. No privacy: As a celebrity, you may not secure any privacy if you want to develop your career then you have to become familiar with your fans. You have to give time to them as without them you are just nothing. So you should take proper care about your privacy. As we saw many cases of leaking MMS and blue films though it is fake, but you must have to take it politely and fresh mind.5. Psychological disturbance: You may feel the psychological disturbance it is occurred due to a lot of causes like Career downfall, controversy, criticism, social effect, fan dispute, etc. So you should take all steps to avoid this psychological disturbance. As, if you go down through this mental disturbance then it will create depression and your career will go to the garbage.

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