Agile Methodologies And Others That Will Rule 2019

Agile Methodologies: This year, you will see three things in the business world, especially in the e-commerce space. These are the advancement of technology, the use of technology. And more use of technology. It means 2019 will be the year of technology.

There will be the use of more apps and other methodologies such as agile to make the service better. And provide better customer experience. With an increase in the use of mobile devices, especially smartphones, apart from tablets, and laptops, it is quite apparent that there will be much focus on shifting from desktop to mobile services.

When it comes to e-commerce shopping, it is for sure that it will be transformed further this year with extensive use of the storefront apps.

Agile Methodologies

Agile Methodologies
  • You may have seen that several major e-commerce retailers have already offered apps for several purposes.
  • A for the shoppers, on the other hand, you may have noticed that most of the shoppers of today are well-accustomed with these dedicated storefront apps already and know how to use it to browse and shop for their desired product or services from their mobile devices.

However, 20198 will see more and more of the smaller businesses take on to the style and leverage their dedicated storefront apps to drive customers towards their store and generate more sales.

Such a shift will not only transform their e-commerce business but will, at the same time and perhaps even more importantly, will help them to create more brand awareness and customer loyalty.

E-commerce trends for storefront apps

There is no denying that this year, e-commerce trends will be based on the storefront apps more. The significant reason for this is that several research and studies have shown that.

E-commerce trends for storefront apps
  • Data from the e-commerce app platform indicates that the rate of conversion among the e-commerce sites that have a dedicated storefront app is around 40% higher as compared to those e-commerce businesses that only have mobile sites.
  • In addition to that research also shows that the duration of the session on an average, as well as the Average Order Value, are both ominously higher for those e-commerce businesses using storefront apps than relying on the mobile sites only.

Both these facts suggest that developing such dedicated storefront apps is a tempting proposition and a more productive means to many if not all e-commerce retailers. It also points out to another significant thing, which is these dedicated storefront apps are highly likely to grow into a progressively prevalent tool in this year.

The useful trends

This growing trend of the e-commerce businesses this year will help them to overcome the challenges of lower footfall or organic traffic towards their sites.

The useful trends
  • It means that even those family-owned businesses that operate and focus locally can offer and use customer dedicated apps. It is a trend that you can expect to see more this year.
  • Moreover, the Enterprise apps will be looking more into the business users and may even consider escalating into Blackberry.
  • And finally, all ambitious business initiatives and large corporations may consider the likelihood of expanding across all leading mobile devices and platforms.

It means that agile methodologies will be used for more frequent releases. It is a particular type of software development that can be and will be used during the mobile apps development process for e-commerce sites. It is the most crucial methodology to follow as it will help the app development team to determine several different important aspects and factors that will make the app as well as the particular e-commerce business using this app successfully. These crucial factors and elements that need specific focus are:

  • Customer involvement
  • Constant evaluation
  • Risk management and
  • Flexible planning.

When the app development team has a better and proper focus on these aspects, it will result in efficient and effective completion of the app development project in the most desired manner.

With such a useful app, the e-commerce store will be able to perform better following better practices and at the same time ensuring that the customers have a unique and most beautiful shopping experience.

It is due to such practices and the use of such dedicated apps that all major businesses and sites such as have a high amount of organic traffic, which helps them to have:

  • A higher rate of conversion
  • A high chance of generating more sales or businesses and
  • An increased opportunity to generate more revenue for their business.

Such as the best practices followed makes the mobile app development process more simplified the use of the best apps will also streamline the operations of the e-commerce sites, thereby reducing their cost of overheads. It is a welcome aspect for the e-commerce business sites because it is this lower or almost no cost of overheads that enable them to offer products and services at a much cheaper rate as compared to any offline store offering the same product or services.

The result

All these practices and extensive use of technology and apps will help e-commerce businesses in ways more than one.

The result for e-commerce
  • It will help these sites to provide better services, faster delivery, and most importantly, a better shopping experience.
  • The simplified processes will make the sites more adaptable and accessible by the users.
  • With the use of technology, they will also help the sites to remain updated with the constant changes made in the market.
  • The technology and its use will also make the e-commerce sites to formulate a more effective and continual development schedule and break down their functional requirements as per the user requirements.

There will be more use of the user stories by the e-commerce sites to cater to all the needs of their customers. They will continue and will be able to make continuous iterations in all phases until they meet any substantial milestone.

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