Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions – Best Information On This Home Appliance

Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions: Have you prepared for the summer season? Finally, even if you do not desire, the time has come. You can feel the heat wave in your city.

In a similar situation, if you are an entrepreneur, you must ensure that the AC in the office works fine. Even in your home, the healthy air can make the senior family members suffer from less dehydration. The children will also remain in the best of health. Do you fear even an unfortunate situation in the home? What will be the worst situation in summer?

The air conditioner does not work on a sunny day. How do you feel the best way to tackle this system? You can get the best answer by the end of this article. It speaks about common air conditioner problems and solutions.

Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

What Does This Article Convey?

It gives you pointers on dealing with the AC problem and solution. Before the summer makes an entry in the weather, kindly ask if it was working in proper order. It is the best way to ensure that the appliance does not stop working during the summer.

Do You Need To Take Care Of The Air Conditioner?

Of course. Being a human, don’t you fall ill? Suffer from cold, coughs, and many other problems? Similarly, the air conditioner can also suffer from technical issues. You need to provide maintenance service as per the manufacturer’s manual. This article is on common air conditioner problems and solutions. You get to know the reasons for the malfunctioning of parts.

A. Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Did you not get any fresh air? Okay, you checked the AC switch and found it is on the switch on mode. Did you even check the thermostat? Is it in the relaxed mode position? There is another property which you need to check – outside wiring. Just check if every part of the wire works fine. If there is a power breakdown issue, some pieces of wire may have suffered damage. Or else, the problem could rest with your circuit breaker or blown circuit.

If you are facing the problems mentioned above, then there are easy ways to set right the problem. It is a DIY method. Are you finding challenges to solve the problem? Then you need to look into the technical details. The motor has suffered damage, or the inward wiring may suffer a burn-out. In both these situations, you need to call an AC repair expert to set right the problem.

Also kindly check the evaporator coils of the air conditioner. Has it become frozen? Then it is the main reason; the appliance does not work correctly. It is one common air conditioner problem and solution faced by many homeowners.

B. The Thermostat

We have already mentioned this topic in the above paragraph. Do you feel the temperature of the home is low? Then check the position of the air conditioner. Is the sunlight falling on the appliance? Then you need to change the place to have cold air around the home.

Recent Trend

The paragraph mentioned above is with relation to the old models. Do you know the recent AC models have Artificial Intelligence applications? Let us imagine; you have a smart air conditioner in your home. You bought the appliance, installed in your home, and set the temperature. In the morning, when you (spouse, children) go out, the thermostat switches off on its own.

On the very same day, you come back to your home. The thermostat switches on and sets the required temperature as per the previous day. You can also control these appliances by your voice via mobile. Do you want to know the names of some smart air conditioners?

  • LG Air conditioner
  • Sensibo Sky AC
  • Lloyd AC
  • Haier AC
  • Samsung Air Conditioner

C. Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions: Cleaning or Replacement of Filters

Do you find the temperature hot, even though the AC is on? Then the air filters must have a problem. Had you given the proper maintenance service? Or else, because of blockages, the air cannot flow properly. Is your air conditioner always switched on?

Then the problem may lie with air filters. Kindly check the model. Can you do the cleaning by yourself? Or else, you may have to opt for service from an AC technician.

To put an end to this problem, AC manufacturers have come up with the self-cleaning filter option. To know more, you can check the Indian models.

  • Hitachi air conditioner with the self-cleaning air filter option
  • Samsung AC
  • Daikin AC
  • LG Air conditioner

D. Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions : Molds in Air Conditioner

It is a common problem found with air conditioner. In other AC problems, you will have to face only the hot weather. The worst scenario, you will suffer from dehydration. But in case of mold growth, you/family members may suffer from health problems.

You need to hire an AC expert to do the cleaning in the compressor. This problem needs to get solved immediately.

E. Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions : AC Fan

Is the fan in your AC not working? Kindly, check the wires in the electrical circuit. The issue may be in the form of burned wires or tripped breaker. The concerned parts do not get the power for operation, so the fan does not work.

F. Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions: The Position of Compressor

Have you kept the compressor outside your home? Ensure the space between the compressor and plants is more than four feet. Or else, dirt, leaves, and other particles may get stuck the compressor. Have you installed the air compressor outside the building? Then you need to hire an AC repair expert to do the cleaning tasks.


Let us imagine; you need to provide a maintenance service for your AC in Hyderabad. You stay in an apartment, and because of the rampant pollution, you feel the appliance requires a service. But the compressor of your model is on the wall outside your second floor home. In this situation, what is the best way to hire a professional who provides the best AC service in Hyderabad?

Let us give a quick and easy tip. Many Indians have followed our guidance and came up with the best way to solve the problem.You can download the app of the best company providing doorstep repair services in Hyderabad. Now search for the profiles of the best AC professionals in the city. Take your budget, mode, and time of repair for selecting the best AC technician in Hyderabad. Schedule the time of repair.

These professionals will come to your home and give the perfect maintenance service. Hope you have got enough tips on the standard air conditioner problems and solutions. If you need more information, then put a comment, and we will answer your question.

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