Get to know about Beard Oil, And How Does It Work?

If you’ve been around for any length of time, the chances are that you’ve used oil for your hair. The benefits of hair oil are well-known, and hair oil has permeated our culture as being the first line of defense against corrupt and damaged hair. Much less well-known is the fact that your beard also needs the same amount of care and conditioning, which your hair needs. 

If anything, beards need even more care than the hair on your scalp because beards are the result of androgens (like testosterone), which produce coarser and flatter hair. The coarser the hair is, the more unruly and untidy it becomes, not to mention the fact that coarser hair is more prone to drying out or breaking.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil

How to Fix Your Untidy Beard?

If you have ever grown a beard, which is any longer than a stubble, you would have discovered that your beard hair is curlier and drier than you would like it to be. In comes beard oil. It is a necessary component to your grooming kit, which can make all the difference for your beard. Beard oil, or argan oil for beards, makes your beard look well-maintained and tidy and keeps it from becoming too curly.

Added Benefits of Using Beard Oil

Beard oil does more than groom your beard; it also nourishes your beard and keeps your hair follicles healthy. As a beard increases in length, the nutrients from the hair follicles find it more difficult to cover your hair strand. Which means that a beard becomes less and less nourished as it grows longer. Another problem which comes with growing a beard is that as your beard grows, the more difficult it gets for the skin underneath the beard to stay moisturized. It causes itchiness and also harms the quality of the hair which grows out of your skin. 

What beard oil does is that it moisturizes both your beard hair as well as the skin underneath it, keeping both well-nourished. Moisturised beards have a softer feel to them and do not tangle as quickly and are much more manageable. A well-nourished beard comes from well-nourished hair follicles, and beard oil takes care of both. 

Does Beard Oil Have Any Side-Effects? 

Whether a beard oil is suitable for long term use and does not have any unwanted effects depends on the ingredients which make your beard oil. Beard oils which should be purchased are one hundred percent natural and do not contain any synthetic ingredients. Beard oils are made with essential oils and in some cases, Vitamin-E, which is also highly beneficial for your beard. 

The carrier oil consists of more than ninety percent of your beard oil and is usually jojoba oil or argan oil but can consist of many other ingredients like sweet almond and grapeseed. These oils form a part of a number of beauty products including beard oils, and this is due to them being completely safe and having incredible moisturizing abilities for your skin and hair. While the carrier oil does the heavy-lifting of any beard oil, essential oils are also found in more expensive beard oils for added benefits. 

How To Use Beard Oil? 

You can apply beard oil after you have taken a shower or washed your face. When your face has just been washed is the time when your hair follicles and pores can most easily absorb the beard oil and therefore gain the most nourishment. 

Applying beard oil is as simple as applying hair oil. You should take a little bit of beard oil on your palm and apply it on your beard and the underlying skin until a layer of the oil covers all of it. 


If you are planning to have a beard or sporting one, then beard oil is an essential element to your grooming needs. Beard oil will not just make your beard look amazing but also nourish it from the root. Make sure you pick the right brand by checking the ingredients, and you are good to go.

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