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Right, when you make up your mind to take the SAT College board and go abroad for higher studies, the next line of thought is how to prepare for the SAT and what will be the right time for you to appear for this exam. You go about surfing the internet trying to find the nitty-gritty of this life-changing exam, but nothing gives you a clear idea as to what test dates will be the best for you. A lot of resources say that you should zero in a test date that gives you ample time to prepare for the test, which in fact, makes sense. However, preparatory time isn’t the only deciding factor that you keep in mind while choosing a test date. A lot of other factors, the ones we’re going to discuss below, should be taken into account while selecting a test date.

In this blog, however, we’re going to discuss how and why choosing an early SAT date could help you. In case you are in a junior college or are already attending some SAT classes in Mumbaior other cities, you might want to give a thought to taking an early SAT. Here’s why!

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1. Don’t mix college applications and SAT preparation

It always recommended that students take the SAT before their senior year. It is because of various reasons. Senior year is when students are working on their college applications.

While it is already a stressful task to research, analyze, compare, and finalize an option, you do not want the stress of approaching SAT hovering above your head. Additionally, the grades students receive in the first quarter of the senior year are generally the last grades that get sent to colleges. You don’t need your GPA to experience because you are worried most exams and unable to set on coursework. And finally, students who are applying for the embryonic judgment bang lower period to change the applications, Oct or November of the adult twelvemonth.

2.    Are you SAT Math ready?

The misconception about the SAT is that it features higher-level math, such as precalculus and calculus. However, that’s not quite the truth. The highest level of Math that the SAT features are Geometry and Algebra 2. For the student taking Algebra 2 in junior year, testing in spring of the junior year is good advice. For students who tackle it earlier in high school, there is scope to slide the test dates more prior if they so desire.

There are two things that you demand to create a greenback of here. Wee reliable you’ve expropriated these item subjects before registering for the exams. And, the key here is not to let enough quantify progress between your maneuver of the person entity and your try associate.

3.    School workload can fiddle with SAT

You are likely to take a heavy course load during your junior year, given the tremendous change in the academic curriculum. Practically speaking, your schedule will only get tougher as the school year progresses. Hence, instead of scheduling your SAT when you might already be busy taking your semester papers, it is advisable to plan your SAT earlier when the school workload is reasonably less.

4.    Retaking should always be an option

It very often observed that the majority of students who take the SAT for a second time, see an improvement in their scores. By choosing an early SAT date, you will have enough flexibility to retake the exams, if necessary, at an opportune moment. Moreover, the benefits of selecting an initial SAT date are multifold. While flexibility in retaking is an option when you decide to take the SAT early, by actually taking an exam twice, students get to take advantage of what is known as super scoring. Superscoring refers to the process by which schools take into account your highest scores across multiple test dates.

For example, say the first time you take the SAT you receive a Reading score of 550, a Math score of 600, and a Writing score of 650, for a total of 1800. Then, you retake the exam for a Reading score of 650, a Math score of 700, and a Writing score of 600, for a total of 2000. Institutions that practice super scoring will take the highest combination of ratings, which in this case would be a score of 650 for Reading, 700 for Math, and 650 for Writing, for a total high score of 2000.

5. Don’t let stress spoil the SAT

Stress is a highly important factor when it comes to your testing schedule. Given how important an exam like the SAT is, it is a door dies situation for some. The seriousness attached to this exam is real. So, instead of waiting for the lastly associate, it is recommended that you move action the communication old onwards so that there are many magnifiers for retrieval and status. If you’re the kind that gets easily overwhelmed and anxious when it comes to tests or important exams, an earlier test date might lessen the amount of time you spend worrying about the exam.

Always remember, acting like a sheep in a herd is never a good idea. Do not sign up for a test date simply because it’s when other students are taking the exam. The activity of life by contrary students module be heterogeneous, and it faculty depend on the varied extracurricular activities they’re a thing of, their action loads, goals, and personality. If you decide the sect prove appointment based on your circumstances, you’ve already confiscated the gear stair towards successfully thought for the communicating – and your time higher pedagogy!

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