Create a website for free

Create a website for free

Create a website for free is trending today. A lot of people who own websites and blogs out there, but not many can succeed and make their sites accessible and engaging. Meanwhile, there are a few lucky ones that seem to rack up all the sponsorship, get the attention of readers, and have hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors?

Why is this so? What separates the successful and the unsuccessful sites?

Well, the most important thing you need to have a successful website is to set goals. A lot of website owners and bloggers don’t set up goals in the first place, and they curious why people do not read their blog posts, why no one visits their website, and why the website analytics are so low.

Bloggers and site owners are usually creative, and they tend to forget about making plans and setting up the necessary metrics on what makes a successful blog. But to see the results, SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound) goals must be set.

You can solve these goals by asking yourself these questions before launching your site.

What is my niche? Who do I cater to?

If you cater to everyone, you provide to no one. Imagine who is your ideal audience or website reader and start your website branding around a persona.

For example, I want my niche to be in the fashion industry. So think about who you want your audience to be. Let’s say you want your audience to be the type of fashion lover who likes shopping for new items and are always looking for the best products and clothing brands to buy.

So if your persona is someone who is middle class to upper class, someone who loves to shop and be fashionable, then your website brand should have content about the latest product reviews, various fashion brands, and the most recent seasonal designer runway catalog.

What type of content do I want my website to have?

You can have other people guest post on your site; you can write the entire content of the site yourself, you can post photos, it can be a video site, etc.

Stick to your website’s niche content. You do not want to have your website readers to be confused as to what your site is all about. If your website is about fashion, do not suddenly accept sponsored articles about tech gadgets unless you can connect it in some way to your website niche/audience.

Some websites have different categories available, and they not just focused on one niche. That’s completely alright. However, they still have to make a connection between those categories so that they can create content towards their ideal audience.

Who are my target clients?

If you want to monetize your website in the future through ads, sponsorships, article deals, affiliate marketing, and more, think about who you wish to your future client to be.

Is your target client someone in the tech industry? In the fashion industry? In the health industry? In the education industry?

Your future clients will be looking at the content that is already available on your website. If your website caters to too many niches, your client might look for another site that has the category he/she is looking.

Create articles and content not just for your audience but also for your target clients.

Where will I start my website?

Do you plan to make a business website? An editorial website? A news website? A personal portfolio?

Different platforms specialize in the type of website you want to have. However, If you are interested in starting your website which can be for all-purpose, you can check out website builders which allow you to make a free website in minutes no matter what your purpose is — no more need for expensive web developers, web designers, and other services.

You may check out the website builder, which has created over 2 million websites for users. is an excellent all-in-one platform where you can go and build a website, a blog, or even an online store all by yourself!

They have super beautiful website templates that are easy to customize and are always automatically made mobile friendly. They also offer award-winning customer service 24 hours a day. If you have ever built a website, it is very crucial and helpful.

Create a website for free

Create a website for free

How much do I want to earn?

Many of us would want to monetize our blog or website someday. If you have a new website with low domain authority and you charge high prices for content, sponsorship, ads, or guest articles, naturally no one will want to partner with you.

It is better to start small first, maybe even accept articles and content for free. When you have a higher domain authority and improved site rank, that’s when you can start to scale your website prices up since you already have established power and credibility. You have to remember that unless you have a service website, it takes a while to earn passive income from a website through advertisements.

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