What is Electric Carousel (Playground Equipment))

Playground equipment and swing always attract the kids and sometimes. Even elders also become crazy about the swings and other playground equipment. In the life of too much busyness, it is necessary to feel free for sometimes and try to spend some time with family as well. In this article, we will discuss the electric carousel, Playground Equipment with complete details.


Carousel is one of the oldest swing discovered in Europe. Usually, it revolves clockwise in the UK and other European countries. But in Americans called that type of rounds merry-go-round because this revolves anti-clockwise. Reverse in the direction of the carousel. It is very costly but ubiquitous in public playlands and parks to entertain kids.

Electric Carousel:

It is a type of swing that enjoyed by kids and young, men and women, young and old. These are just a type but containing different styles of swings. Moreover, as the name suggests carousel that something that swings fast in a circular way. Electric indicate that it will be managed and controlled by using electricity.

Types of Electric Carousel

Two types of electric carousel swing placed and configured in the playgrounds, parks and even sometimes in schools of kids. Their rotation of circular round categorizes these means vertical swing and horizontal swings round.

Horizontal Electric Carousel

It swings merely in a horizontal direction and managed by electricity. These can be found in many shapes. For example, sometimes, different animals placed in a circle and move around a circle as the image is shown below.

Vertical Electric Carousel

It moves in the vertical direction, and it attracts almost every aged people young and old kids and babes. It also has been observed mostly people feel fear after sitting in those swings. A squared box typically placed vertically with a certain distance and chairs set in the squared box. This squared box revolves around a circular point vertically.

There are a lot of manufacturers to manufacture electric carousel for playground equipment. These are famous all around the world but with different designs. I also contacted to order that type of electronic carousel to get the quote you can visit antalyapark’s website to get a quote.

Technical Specifications of a standard electric Carousel

Here are some technical parameters that might be considered for a standard electronic carousel described in the table?

Electric Carousel
Type Bottom Transmission
Height 3 to 7 meters (depends on the
decoration of electric carousel)
1 to 5 KW
Machine Weight
1 to 10 tons
220 Volts to 380 Volts

Other Specifications

FRP, stainless-steel, patterned plate etc. Decoration: bright painting (colorfast paint), colorful light-emitting diode lights (white, red, plum, blue, yellow, green. 6 colors available), endurance plate, stainless steel plate, stickers etc.

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