Guest Post

M-Arriaga comes with guest posting features for those who want to express their thoughts in front of internet researchers and blog readers. Anyone who can write for us more efficiently and can provide the readers with valuable information. There are a few rules and regulations by following these you can publish your articles at M-Arriaga.

What will be Accepted to Publish

  1. Content should be able to attract readers because we always try to add values to our readers.
  2. Must be related to our categories defined on the website. Therefore, you should first check your niche related category is exist or not.
  3. The article must be unique and entirely written with perfection. S.E.O helpful articles always preferred.

What will not be accepted to Publish

  1. A topic which already covered on our website will not be repeated in any case. That is why it is essential that you search for the article on our website. If it is not covered, then it is okay otherwise will be rejected.
  2. No more than one external link will be allowed in case of violation all the links used will be removed. So, be careful about that.
  3. Anything related to porn or adult content is strictly prohibited. It will be directly moved to trash and email will be transferred to spam.
  4. Submission of more than one article from one person in a day is not allowed. One website for the external link will be used once in a day. Do not try to send with different emails. Otherwise, all the relations of that specific website will be removed.
  5. Criticism of a company or individual is not allowed as this is against the moral values. Therefore, try to avoid this on our website.

How to Submit a Post/Article

  • Email your article at according to the guidelines provided in the sample of article.
  • A document can be MS Word or PDF document format. Including related images (minimum two) in the article.
  • A featured image must be attached with an email to publish the article quickly.
  • Your Keyword, category and author bio must be attached because it is required.

Criteria of Quality according to Us

  • A quality article must have a minimum of 800 words including 100% unique content free from plagiarism.
  • 1 External and one internal link must be used in an article, and it is allowed on M-Arriaga
  • Please do not submit an article without images and other media.
  • SEO friendly articles will be preferred first.
  • Author Bio is also important for us to inform our visitors about the writer.


If articles meet the standards and guidelines, then your article will be published within 48 hours, but sometimes it can take some times in case of some unexpected problems. After 72 hours, if your articles not published then you can consider it as rejected.