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Herbal tea boxes: I have ever heard of the enchanted tale of Little Briar Rose, better known as the sleeping beauty, who pricked her little finger on a spindle and lay asleep for hundreds of years?

Well, it seems poor Briar Rose must have sniffed the sweet-smelling Valerian roots of the Valerian plant growing nearby while touching the spindle and fell asleep for centuries!
I have ever heard of the enchanted tale of Little Briar Rose, better known as the sleeping beauty,

herbal tea boxes

Source: The Movie Maleficent

Fighting insomnia is one of the commonest, Herculean challenges of today’s busy life. The turmoil of a hectic work schedule turbulently drives a maddeningly busy routine, with hardly any quality time left for oneself.

However, it’s been months since I slept peacefully, without care. The real feeling of waking up early, at 6.15 am sharp is perhaps the most awful feeling in the world. A shame to humanity, I would rather say. Well, that’s a little bit overdramatic. But I guess, it’s ok to be over dramatic at times of melancholy. Lol!

For years, I recall I used to hear my Grandma mumbling and murmuring mysteriously about a magical herbal tea that rips away the sorrows and worries of life, and tips off cares in a hearty sip of tranquillity; namely the Valerian root tea!!! The breath-taking tea that made hundreds of Romans bow to their knees saluting its unravelling wonders, as Gran would say!

herbal tea boxes

For hundreds of years and years to come, Chamomile tea has been the doorway to eternity, the patent signature of beckoning the slumbering fairies and dryads of Sleepy Alleys, to hush its fatigued drinkers to sleep. However, it seems it’s anything but a sleeping aid. Chamomile, according to the sources, is just a placebo inducing drug and only plays and dishes out mind games, not a therapeutic effect exactly.

herbal tea boxes

My Grandma, I remember, dressed pleasantly in her beautiful floral gowns, loved to rant about the soothing effects of the beloved, besotted Valerian root tea; a mystic tea sprinkled on Earth from the enchanted Kettles of Heaven, she believed! Though there’s no proven scientifically proven evidence, Gran outlandishly refused to hear any of the scientific data quotes and continued to brew her absorbing ravings of a magical herbal tea.

Over time, I decided to give the Valerian root tea a chance as I grew weary of the insomniac experiences and constant fatigue and the uneasy feeling. That uncomfortable feeling of not quenching your thirst for sleep. I decided to give it a try and browsed Google to read about it in detail. According to Google, the Valerian root tea is simple to make, but its effects are very beneficial for the optimum health results we all crave to have.

To gift your cat the perfect thing ever, give it a piece of the Valerian root and see it purr! Yes, cats idolize this sweet-smelling root as meaning to their catnap dreams!

Valerian root tea is effectively used to combat hot flashes, aid to withdraw alcohol addictions, improves the strength of the cardiovascular system, decreases the migraines, and reduces the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as it controls the associated mood swings and the anxieties associated with this disease. It also improves digestion, helping to assimilate food better.

It’s also a hearty option for those caffeine addicts who wish to quit drinking their coffee indulgence as well as stop drinking other caffeinated drinks.

Valerian root tea is sold commercially as the medicinally effective tinctures, capsules and infusions, tucked inside the beautifully shaped herbal tea boxes.

It’s the best form of relaxing tea, increasing the release of the chemical like substance, gamma amino butyric acid, GABA. GABA is supposed to relax and soothe the trials and tribulations of a restless mind.

Based on research data, only 300-600 mg of Valerian root should be taken before stumbling into bed, after a tiresome day. It can help to improve the sleep quality by leaps and bounds, if taken at least half an hour or two hours before bedtime. It has that perfect Midas touch to make anyone fall asleep, within minutes!

Buy the beautiful Valerian root tea and see yourself drowning to a land of the most peaceful sleep without the help of a pricking spindle! Sleep tight!

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