How can I reduce the side effects of steroids?

How can I reduce the side effects of steroids: If you have got inflammation, there’s no faster or a lot of economical ways to manage it than with corticosteroids (also known as glucocorticoids). However whereas these powerful medicine medicines are often lifesavers, they’ll additionally cause some pretty nasty aspect effects. To cut back the danger of corticosteroids’ aspect effects, doctors typically suggest taking rock bottom dose for the shortest amount of your time. However, in some cases, doctors could indicate that you stay on long-term, low-dose treatment.

How can I reduce the side effects of steroids

Most aspect effects are associated with the number of medicine you are taking. Some side effects occur in nearly anyone takes corticosteroids, whereas others are less common.

If you wish to require steroids for quite per week or 2, don’t stop taking them suddenly. Withdrawal symptoms are often severe. Thus you need to take them – and stop taking them – safely. Your doctor can offer you directions for truly fizzling out of the medicines.

The following recommendations can facilitate the danger of some of the corticosteroids’ most challenging side effects.

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Weight Gain

Steroids Canada affects your metabolism and way your body stores fat. At first, a lot of your weight gain is going to be due to water retention. However, over time, your body fat might increase similarly. Corticosteroids tend to extend your increase, prompting you to eat more than you need. You’ll notice fat accumulation in your face, on the rear of your neck, and around your abdomen.


Watch your calories and exercise often to stop excessive weight gain. Significantly watch your salt intake, which might increase fluid build-up. If you are doing gain weight, it won’t possibly linger forever. Most people lose relatively quickly after steroids closed.

Mood Swings

Corticosteroids build some individuals feel positive and happy however others feel unhappy, anxious, nervous, or depressed.


Usually, positive or negative effects on your mood can subside when the first few weeks of treatment. Nervousness and related to sleep difficulties may be mitigated by taking your medication early within the day. Classic stress-relievers like exercise, yoga or meditation could facilitate your mood whereas your body adjusts to the drugs. However, make sure to decide your doctor if you notice forceful mood or behavior changes.

Susceptibility to Infection

Corticosteroids suppress the body’s response, assuaging inflammation. However, they will conjointly suppress your response to infection, permitting even minor infections to become serious.


Make sure to urge associate annual contagion shot and raise your doctor concerning the respiratory disorder immunizing agent. Don’t get live vaccines – as well as the contagion, mumps, epidemic roseola (MMR) and varicella vaccines – which may cause you to become sick. Stop infection by laundry your hands often, avoiding crowds and avoiding people you recognize sick. If you notice any signs of infection – a dry cough, fever or painful elimination, for instance – decision your doctor directly.

Thinning Skin

Corticosteroids inhibit the assembly of albuminoidal, a central element of the skin. It leads to dilution and weakening of the skin. This might show up as stretch marks, straightforward bruising and therefore the look of little blood vessels below the skin.


They’re little, if something, you’ll do to prevent your skin from dilution whereas applying topical corticosteroids or taking them orally. However there is a variety of merchandise – as well as albuminoidal product or E creams – you’ll use to scale back the looks of stretch marks. Cosmetics will camouflage little blood vessels or bruises on the face.

Cataracts and Glaucoma

Using corticosteroids will worsen or increase your risk of 2 eye problems: cataracts (the vapor of the eye’s lens) and eye disease (the buildup of pressure within the eye).


To scale back your risk of cataracts, avoid alternative causes like direct daylight and cigarette smoking. Though cataracts can’t reverse, regular eye exams can alert your doctor to a potential drawback. Your doctor might have to vary your medication or lower the dose. Regular eye exams also are necessary to visualize for eye disease, which may be treated and sometimes reversed if detected early.

Bone Loss

One of the foremost common and doubtless the harmful facet effects of steroid hormone use is a pathology. Cutting of the bones will result in painful and draining fractures.


Whereas taking corticosteroids it’s additional necessary than ever to prevent smoking and soak up enough Ca (1500 mg daily) and cholecalciferol (800 mg daily). It’s conjointly essential to induce regular weight-bearing exercise, like walking, performing arts or weight lifting. If you’re reaching to get on corticosteroids quite three months, take into account obtaining bone density scans and taking a pathology medication known as a bisphosphonate.

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