How to lower blood pressure

How to lower blood pressure

High Blood Pressure is a condition which can deadly damage your heart. It could be deadly if it left without controlling actions. So, the question arises from many people how to lower blood pressure. Every third person lives in the USA affected by this blood pressure disease. About One Billion People lives in the world suffering from these conditions.

How to lower blood pressure

Remedies to lower Blood Pressure

Here are some home remedies to manage and lower blood pressure. Which are enlisted and defined with details.

1- Manage your Stress Level

Stress is a key to manage blood pressure. It has been observed that people taking less tension and manage their stress level. They successfully manage their Blood Pressure.

Manage Stress Level

2- Reduce Alcohol Drinking

A large amount of patients suffering from blood pressure is due to the overuse of alcohol drinking. Especially in the USA, around 20-25% of blood pressure patients are due to this alcohol drinking. Drinking alcohol in any amount harms your heart and blood pressure. So, the Defined amount in the USA for women is one drink a day, and for men, it must be no more than two drinks a day.

Reduce Alcohol Drinking

3- Eating Cocoa (Dark Chocolate)

Cocoa is a kind of dark chocolate which is beneficial to lower the blood pressure. Cocoa powder is a rich source of flavonoid, which helps blood vessels to dilate. Which helps to lower the blood pressure of a person suffering from high blood pressure.

Eating Cocoa

Non-alkalized Cocoa powder has a most substantial effect against blood pressure due to high flavonoid without sugar amount in that.

4- Avoid Smoking

Smoking has a high effect on blood pressure from all above have discussed. It is a high risk for blood pressure patients.

Avoid Smoking

The reason behind it is that its ingredients like tobacco are well known in damaging blood vessels. Every puff of cigarette slightly up the blood pressure. Majority of doctors and researchers does not believe that just because of no conclusive evidence in that to up the blood pressure. But it is said by smoker and perceptions to have been developed from over the years.

5- Regular Exercise

Exercise is most famous for every human life in the world. But, If you are a patient of blood pressure than more essential for you to in that case. Roundabout 30 minutes of regular exercise such as walking and other light exercises per day can lower your blood pressure to make it normal after some days or weeks.

Regular Exercise

Fifteen minutes running and moderate exercises per day can have the same effects discussed in the above exercises without any doubt.

6- Reduce the usage of Salt

Salt consists of Sodium and other ingredients. This has been researched that usage of salts increase the blood pressure. Mostly it is said salt is not the issue, but it is. Especially for those people who are salt sensitive. Many health points in different areas of living always try to lessen the usage of Sodium. However, it is true the relationship between Sodium, and high blood pressure is less clear.

Reduce the usage of Salt

7- Weight Loss

If you are over-weighted and suffering from blood pressure. Then you are in real trouble because the extra weight of your body is the real cause of High blood pressure. If your load is 17 pounds more than the ideal, your diastolic blood pressure increased to 28 than the ideal blood pressure 120/80 mm Hg.

Weight Loss

8- Calcium Rich Foods to lower Blood Pressure

For a Patient of Blood Pressure Calcium is very necessary to lower blood pressure. 1000mg per day calcium recommended for adults and more critical patients of blood pressure. Moreover, for women and men older than 70 years, 1200mg Calcium per day is necessary.


Diet Chart for Blood Pressure

Usually, hypertension called if blood pressure goes to 140/90 mm Hg. If your blood pressure is touching to 180/120 without symptoms, your blood pressure is too high, and you are in real danger. If your blood pressure is consistently going to 140/90. It means you are patient of high blood pressure. Here is the Diet Chart for Patients of High Blood Pressure.

Diet Chart for Blood Pressure Patients
(8:00 – 8:30 AM)
(11:00 – 11:30 AM)
(2:00 – 2:30 PM)
(4:00 – 4:30 PM)
(8:00 – 8:30 PM)
Sunday2 Paratha (Potato/
Radish/Onion with
2 tsp groundnut
1 Banana1 cup rice+2 chapathi
fish-tuna (100gm)
curry+cabbage and
green peas sabji
1 cup boiled green
gram sprouts with
lemon+ 1 cup
green tea
3 chapathi+1/2 cup
bitter gourd(karela)
sabji+1/2 cup
vegetable salad
Monday1/2 cup Oats in 1
glass toned milk
1 wedge(100gm)
4 chapathi+1/2 cup
cluster beans curry+1/2
cup capsicum paneer
sabji+ 1 glass
Avocado(50gm) whole
wheat bread(3 slices)
sandwich+ 1 cup
green tea
3 chapathi+1/2 cup
Snake gourd sabji+
1/2 cup vegetable
Tuesday3 rice dosa+1/2 cup
pudina chutney
1 cup rice+2 chapathi+
1/2 cup yam (jimikand)
curry+1/2 cup ivy
gourd(parmal) sabji+
1 glass buttermilk
3 Cracker biscuits+
1 cup tea/milk(toned)
3 chapathi
jowar, bajra)+
lauki sabji+1/2 cup
vegetable salad
WednesdayVegetable sandwich
with 4 whole wheat
bread slices+
1 medium
size apple
1 cup rice+2 chapathi,
1 portion(100gm)
fish+1/2 cup
rajmah curry
1 bowl unsalted pop
corn+1 cup tea/milk
3 chapathi+1/2 cup
raw banana sabji+
1/2 cup vegetable
Thursday1 cup broken wheat
upma with
vegetables,1 glass
toned milk
1 cup tea
100gm musk
4 chapathi+1/2 cup
french beans curry,
1/2 cup
colocasia(arbi) sabji
1 glass buttermilk
1/2 cup Sweet potato
salad+ 1 cup
green tea
3 chapathi+ 1/2 cup
ridge gourd(thori)
sabji+1/2 cup
vegetable salad
Friday4 rice Idly+ 1/2
cup sambhar+1
tsp coconut
chutney+1 glass
milk/ 1 cup tea
1 medium size
4 chapathi+1/2 cup
lauki dal+1/2 cup
green peas and
panner sabji+1 glass
butter milk
1 small fistful (40 gm)
of peanuts,almonds,
1 cup green tea
3 chapathi+ 1/2
cup bhindi sabji+
1 cup vegetable
Saturday1 cup roasted oats
upma with
vegetables+1 glass
toned milk/1 cup tea
1 medium size
1 cup rice+2 chapathi
aloo brinjal sabji+1/2
cup tomato dal+1 glass
1 cup boiled
bengalgram with
lemon+ 1 cup
green tea
3 chapathi
jowar, bajra)+
1/2 cup tinda sabji+
1/2 cup vegetable

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