How To Make A UPSC Mains Preparation Schedule

How To Make A UPSC Mains Preparation Schedule:

The UPSC Prelims has conducted on 2nd June 2019. Many aspirants would have already assessed their performance in the exam. They got a fair idea of how they have fared. The next stage of the review for those who succeed will be the Mains exam in September. With little time left to cover the vast UPSC syllabus, candidates have no time to waste. In this article, we talk about some practical strategies to draw up a schedule of preparation. Aspirants can draw from their own experiences and incorporate these tips. While scheduling what to do for the exam.

How To Make A UPSC Mains Preparation Schedule

How To Make A UPSC Mains Preparation Schedule
  • Have Clear and Achievable Goals: While drawing up a schedule, have a goal in mind. It would be difficult to follow a plan for the next two months. If you are not sure of your goals. A generic goal, like clearing the mains is not enough. Divide your time into weeks and set a goal every week to cover one part of the syllabus. It would allow you to relax and not get overwhelmed by the pace of your studies.
  • Schedule Time for Revision of Concepts: While reading through the whole syllabus is essential. The majority of the schedule should be for revision. Candidates would have already read through the entire UPSC syllabus at least once during the previous year. Now is the time to ramp up revision and clear any remaining concepts.
  • Reserve the Beginning of the Day for Answer Writing Practice: This is very important as answer writing requires a fresh mind and clarity of thought. The beginning of the day is the ideal time to do this. It would be wise to divide answer writing into two parts. writing, and evaluation. These should be scheduled at different times of the day to enable some rest and review before evaluating the answers.
  • Focus on Optional Subjects: Optional subjects by their nature have very high scoring potential. While General Studies covers a large portion of the marks. Dominates any discussion related to the civil services. Optional subjects are the important subjects to scoring well in the exam.

The basic principles mentioned above can be used to make a typical schedule for preparation. Candidates can make their schedule based on the above tips. Their experiences while preparing for the UPSC Online. Following is a short video. In which IAS topper Khushboo Gupta narrates her experiences while preparing for the exam.

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