7 Energy Boosting Indoor Games & Activities for Kids

In the scorching sun, heavy snow fall and rainy days, parents do not allow kids to go outside. But it is the fact that you can’t restrict your children from playing. What parents can do is to set up indoor games for kids. Our article’s main aim is to help parents to arrange some extracurricular games and activities to keep kids busy in indoors. These indoor games include some playful games, not video games or any play stores game. This will enhance their skills, kids will learn about the classical games to remove boredom from the room. And it’s your best kid’s birthday; make amaze him/her with online balloon delivery in USA.

1] Indoor Skating

7 Awesome & Energy Boosting Indoor Games & Activities for Kids

Indoor skating is a good idea for kids to learn the balance therapy for body. No need to buy new skating for them. You can do two things to make ice skating at home. First tape a wax paper or tie it with the thread around the bottom of your kid’s foot. Wax paper is sleepy so they can enjoy sleeping and skating in the room. The second thing is you can use juice boxes to fit their foot into this. Now they have to learn to walk with the boxes on the feet. It’s a simple thing but believe me your kids will love to do skating with this DIY craft.

2] Pillow Fight

Your kid is very naughty and he or she can’t stay calm for a single minute. You have to keep a watch on them every minute. The whole family can involve in this game and meet your kid’s aggression. Be sure that room is wide and pillows are soft. Arrange a pillow fight game. Each family member has to throw a pillow on the other one. This is quite energy burning game so your kid will exhaust after some time. It will help your kid to make sound sleep.

3] Hide and Seek

Hide and seek the most popular classic game played by all ages. You can spend good times with your children by playing hide and seek game in home. Let your kid count from 1 to 10 and you start hiding yourself. Kids have to find you out. If kids are too small don’t go upstairs or any scary places. Probably your kid will get injured or scared of something. It’s a playful game, don’t make it tricky. Hide yourself in the place where kids can find you. The same thing repeats on the kids.

4] Color Game

Kids love drawing and painting, you can encourage their passion by arranging a color game for them. For this you need to have four different types of cardboard papers. Stick those cardboard papers on four different walls. Now the kid has to do drawing and painting of their interest. Give their fingers the freedom to draw and paint whatever they want. You can also help them to learn and draw shapes, numbers and alphabets.

5] Keep the Balloon Up

This is something energy burning game kids would love to play. It looks a simple game but your kids will enjoy it a lot. Have the multicolor balloons laid on the floor. Now blow balloon in the air and tell you kid to keep the balloon up for longer time. Schedule some time limit if you have two or three kids in the room. Whoever keeps the balloon up in the air becomes the winner of game.

6] Touch-and-Feel

This will uplift their brain sense and help them to recognize the things with touching the objects. You can do so many variations in this. You can use cut outs of numbers, shapes, letters or animals. Include some of his/her favorite things to touch and feel. Blindfold their eyes with strap and give them an object to touch. They have to identify the object. Count how many things they have told right. After removing the strap from eye, tell your kid which object is not correct.

7] Building a Fort

This is a craft learning session. Your involvement needs. Have one cardboard box and use the cut outs of different shapes to build a fort. You can use chairs, blankets, pillows and cardboard boxes to make a huge fort. Arrange the cardboard boxes one by one and make a layer like fort with using sticking tape. Use chairs to make a bigger fort. Now put pillows on this fort and then cover it with blanket. A huge fort is ready to surprise your kid.

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These indoor games playing tricks are definitely going to work. This gives you a satisfaction of your kid don’t feel bore in the room. You can make the playful surroundings around by showing your involvement. Kid’s brain is growing in this age so it needs some activities to enhance and boost their memory. So these activities are sure to delight them and help them growing their senses day by day.

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