Best International School in Singapore

International school in singapore

Singapore is well-known for educational institutes. It is an island city-state of Malaysia almost 500 to 600 thousand people. It is also known as an international financial city of South Asia, and it’s a multi-cultural city. Due to that kind of importance, educational institutes are most important in that kind of important city.

In this article, we discuss about the best international School in Singapore. There is actual research that school system of Singapore is very competitive. A Student completes his schooling in Singapore with A-Level. He/she can join university education internationally.

Government of Singapore always try to keep a key focus on the education system. That is why an essential city of Malaysia known best educational center in South Asia. There are three levels of school education in Singapore.

  • Pre-School
  • Primary School
  • Secondary School

Pre-School Concept revolves around under six years old. The purpose of this system is to produce a habit of rules. Primary School System is the base of School. It revolves around 7-12 years old child for basic knowledge of primary subjects (Math, Science, and Technology).

International School in Singapore

It is tough to pick only one school from a city which is known as the best educational city of a half continent. So, we will discuss two to three schools.

Canadian International School in Singapore

This School was found in 1990, and Canadian International School is known to be the best international School in Singapore as this not an oldest school there. It covers 2-18 years old age group as well as follows the co-education system. It is a state of the art school with respect to the building.

Canadian International School

If you are in search of an international school in Singapore, then you have the best option for admission in that School. You can visit physically as well as from phone +65 67348088. It also based on affordable fees structure. This School is also known in co-curricular activities as well.

Tanglin Trust School Singapore

Tanglin Trust School Singapore was found in 1925, and this is known to be the oldest international School based on the British schooling system. This School is in the top 3 rankings from the last three consecutive years.

Tanglin Trust School Singapore

I cannot say this School is not better than the above one but in a competitive school system. There is important to choose a champion one. You can tell this School is a little expensive with respect to fee plans. It covers from 2-18 year age group students as well.

Singapore American School Singapore

Singapore American School is known to the best American International School in South Asia founded in 1956 from only 105 Students. They have achieved much from their hardworking staff. Now, over four thousand active students getting education from this School.

Singapore American School

Their Mission is to provide exemplary education and experience of the American Education System. They believe in to provide care to get better results. Trust Building of that School can easily declare the best School in Singapore. But they lack in Education System at now. Maybe this School becomes number one in the next two years.

Final Conclusion

We covered three educational institutes in that article which are known to be the best in Singapore. Even two of these known to be the best in South Asia. If you are in Singapore and looking for the best international School, then these three institutes must be in your consideration for the admission of your child.

These schools are positioned based on trust and the school system. From these, you can say least experienced staff with respect to the other two. But Its school system, state of the art building and trust gain of parents are marvelous.

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