Mobile Apps for Business Productivity Enhancement

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Running mobile apps for business types involves an array of never-ending tasks. For small business owners staying focused and organized is very important. With the use of productivity apps. You can streamline and centralize things as per your convenience. With the latest technologies available now. You can try out various apps to ensure smooth communication or project management at your workplace.

You can approach a mobile app development company to know about services for building apps to manage your business.

Let us go through some of the mobile apps for business mentioned below. For making your activities hassle-free. So that you can concentrate upon other vital areas.

Mobile apps for business

Mobile apps for business

Asana: This is a popular project management tool which helps in integrating goal setting with a fixed schedule. It facilitates in creating projects, set goals so that the minute details can be dealt with effectively. Different boards can be designed to alter tasks as and when they accomplished. Else you can also communicate in threads under specific job with your team members. It apart, using Asana, you can see your contribution towards the completion of your projects. For example, using the team calendars or the project timelines, you can experience your success rate.

Thus as a productivity resource, it facilitates small business owners in managing their tasks in one place. It has got both free and paid versions. You can experience the full-fledged premium version after a free trial at 9.99 dollars per month.

Basecamp: This tool has been designed to avail comprehensive solutions for your business. Using it, you can manage your team, projects, and communication at one go. Each project features various sections to enable you to manage the entire process in an organized manner. Threads are integral concerning the Basecamp model. It helps in having an idea about any relevant topic, or even you can initiate any critical discussion with a glance.

A bit expensive compared to its contemporaries, Basecamp offers advanced solutions at 99 dollars per month.

OneNote: This is another robust and purposeful applications for compiling information in a single place. It helps in segregating projects or topics into simple and manageable sections. It comes with lots of small beneficial features. For example, if you use an online source to copy a quote, OneNote will include the URL automatically for further reference. It works seamlessly across smartphones and tablets. Although this is a free app, the users may require Microsoft 365 subscription for using. Using this app, the users can directly take notes or draw into the program. It emphasizes in organizing tasks, along with ensuring a smooth flow of communication. Using this tool, you can create a separate responsibility for your projects. Further, you can also add steps to your group of tasks or any specific one. With each part of the project being completed, the members can update their status. Knowledge bases can be created for storing information and documents associated with your projects. It offers a variety of plans to the users so that they can choose the best one according to their requirements.

It helps in creating a personalized sound profile depending on your profession. In other words, it produces tailor-made productive music so that you can concentrate on increasing your productivity. It helps in breaking your personality on the way you approach problems, think, and how easily you can be distracted. Service offered by this app is suitable for those who work in open areas or massive sitting places where the sound can be loud. To use this app, you can enjoy free trial for about two weeks, and after that, you need to pay 9.95 dollars to enjoy unlimited services.

Tide: This application helps in dialing up soothing sounds to make you focused and alert at your tasks. With this app, you can regulate your working hours along with your break time. Thus you can be more productive in your work. To earn a 5 minutes break, it requires you to work for 30 minutes. It is a simple free service which helps you to sleep and awake in a natural and restful way.

Time Doctor

It is impossible to business productivity-boosting software without mentioning the Time Doctor. Companies and individuals use this to keep track of their time and to boost productivity. It’s especially valuable for team members who work in remote locations.

Time Doctor is arguably the best task allocation app. Beyond its excellent time tracking ability, it also provided screenshot monitoring, precise report generation, payroll component, chat observation as well as desktop and mobile device tracking capabilities.

You don’t have to be everywhere at once to monitor employee activity. Time doctor can manage a wide range of human resource management tasks for you. What’s more, it also works perfectly well alongside all of the projects above management apps, e.g., Asana, Google Apps, Dropbox, Trello, and so on. 

Save time and money both by focusing on the most urgent tasks at hand. Delegate discretionary tasks to team members allocate functions to business productivity apps like Time Doctor. That’s the simplest way to boost business productivity.

Conclusion: There are many mobile apps development services which you can avail to develop customized apps that can help in managing your projects and resources smoothly. Some of the favorite apps are mentioned in this post to help you know their original features and functionalities. Depending upon the nature and scope of your businesses, you are free to choose any one of the services mentioned above.

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