Product positioning

Make your business more profitable on the Internet by increasing the number of potential customers who visit your website.

However small your company may be with our work, you can achieve great success on the Internet.

For this, we do not limit ourselves to search engine positioning:

A good position in the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) is necessary, but, it is not enough if other complementary techniques do not accompany it.

Our job is to position on the Internet which includes a positioning in dangerous search engines (fleeing from techniques penalized by search engines such as automatic uploads, hidden texts, SPAM, etc.) and based on a study of its potential market and its competition on the Internet, choosing the best matching search keys with said market and competition.

Internal optimization of the code of your page to improve its accessibility, usability and adapt it to the appropriate standards, facilitate that it found with the selected search keys, register in suitable directories, manage advertising campaigns online, techniques of advertising and offline marketing, etc.

We care that the traffic of visitors to your website is qualified, that is, to attract customers who potentially want to buy what they offer and, therefore, that can translate into sales.

On the other hand, the massive additions in thousands of search engines are not beneficial to have a good position in the main search engines, rather the opposite. Do not get carried away by those who promise quick results.

The task of positioning a Web page on the Internet is a constant task, slow and gradual so that a good result and that does not fall apart when a particular search engine decides to update your information. Depending on the case, you do not see acceptable results until three, six or twelve months.

Below we offer you the services you can contract with us. All of them are personalized services that require a personalized price. Please, contact us if you are interested in a budget of any of them.

It is not necessary that you decide for yourself right now if you do not know what each one can contribute. We will advise you the option that most interests you.

Product positioning

Initial service

For new pages, remodeled or those that still do not appear in search engines. It is the option to start if you are launching or resuming your business on the Internet. It includes:

•    Current status report. Actual data of your position in search engines, Internet popularity indexes, the most important links you have, etc. It will serve to compare later the results of our work.

•    Report on the study of potential market and competition made after an online interview with the client (through our Web). In it, we will detail, for example, the search keys that interest you most.

•    Basic optimization of your Web (optional). Although it is not essential if it is highly advisable that we touch fundamental aspects of the code of your Web. It only includes the optimization of the system of the main page.

•    Guaranteed high manual in a minimum of 60 directories that suit you best for the characteristics of your business.

•    Monthly positioning report on major search engines, new links, new links that refer you, etc.

•    The hiring of the service: Minimum of 30 days.

Professional service

For any type of company that wants to boost its business on the Internet and keep it progressively increasing its visits and potentially its sales. It includes all the features and reports of the Initial Service plus the following ones:

  • Total optimization of your Web: All your pages, internal links that contain, texts, images, etc. optimize as well as the complete structure of the site to favor the indexation that search engines make of their content.
  • Design and management of online advertising campaign in Google (one month free and renewable monthly).
  • The hiring of the service: Minimum of 3 months (advisable 6 months).

Advanced service

Give your company a much more professional Internet vision by improving the visibility of your business on the network and enhancing your corporate image in the process. It includes all the features of the professional service plus the following:

•    Corporate blog. It will allow you to manage the news and articles of your company and is a tool highly valued by search engines that always reward those pages whose content is dynamic. We implant it and integrate it with your Web, and we teach its easy management.

•    Study of additional payment services from third parties that are convenient to hire highlighting those vertical portals in which it should appear inexecutable if you want your website to raise one level of visibility on the Internet. The study includes a management proposal for our part of all these additional services offered by third parties.

•    Advice on the programming and implementation of your website: We are engineers specializing in software development for the Internet and Web pages. We know the faults that affect the positioning and can have your site, and we will make a complete analytical report of it.

•    The hiring of the service: Minimum of 6 months (advisable 1 year).

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