10 free best ways to get traffic to your website

Be it purposeful, when it is focused on ways to get traffic to your website; every blogger expects people ( especially the targeted potential audience ) to read their content and visit their blog frequently. There are a lot of SEO services providers in India, which will help you to create SEO friendly content and drive more traffic to your blog for the same.

Here are some inexpensive and tested methods which will increase traffic on your log.

1)Define your audience

Every blogger has a target audience in his/her mind. Whatever posted on the blog tends to affect a particular group of people more than others, and that is something to keep in mind. For example, if your target audience is young, then you would likely be interested in making your blog not very monotonous or too informative but quirky and vibrant.

Generally, a blogger is aware of the readership and hence can directly target. However, if you are unaware, you might want to use websites like Quantcast.com which provide information about the gender, location, education, etc. regarding your traffic.

ways to get traffic to your website

ways to get traffic to your website

2) Advertisement! Advertisement! Advertisement!

Any market plan involves advertising. You would want the people to see more of your blog, now and then. The rate of returns are much more than the investment you put in, so why not?

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You may go for Paid Advertising or Unpaid Advertising.

ways to get traffic to your website

3) Build an e-mail list from day one and provide a newsletter.

People tend to attract places they find more services. The more you offer them, the better they will see your blog. Try maintaining an e-mail list of your readership for providing a free e-book or some premium content which your readers can access only after entering their names and e-mail.

It not only increases the people who visit your blog, but also makes them a regular reader of your blog as they are getting fresh and quality content on their e-mails.

4) Change your e-mail signature!

 It may sound irrelevant in context to your blog but think of it as an implicit advertisement of your blog.

The people who are regularly in touch with you through e-mails, they get to see your e-mail id numerous times a day. It does create a picture in their mind, a memory of how your signature looks. So when you include your blog’s title as your signature, it will impact them to memorize that name.

For example:

5) Complement your content with multimedia

Once you get a hand on good writing or writing quality copy content, you should proceed on to finding suitable and creative ways of telling the same. Supplement the matter with infographics, video clips, images, etc. It is evident that people will prefer to watch a small clip rather than going for a long paragraph if given a choice.

Another plus point of including multimedia is that it is more popular over social media. Posting pictures and videos will attract more people than adding a simple, plain text as a post.

6) Essential but pure- blogs start with good writing!

Instead of weighing much on your vocabulary, make your blog clear and compelling. You can take assistance from 100s of other blogging tools; if your content is not up to the mark, you cannot just make it work. You will have to write as per what the people wish to read and not only according to what you want to say. It is the golden rule behind any successful website- not alone the blogs.

Framing and publishing the content is not always enough to ensure that it reaches out to the public. Hence, you must direct some efforts in creating an inbound marketing plan for your website to drive more traffic.

7) Invite guest bloggers to contribute- Contribute to others

Do not see other blogs or bloggers as mere competition. To thrive in the blog market, you must synergize with other bloggers. So find some fellow bloggers, thought leaders, and communicate. Find out if they would like a few collaborations, or guest hosting for each other’s blog. In this way, you help other people grow their blogs as well as nurture yours.

If you end up writing something that seems a bit off track concerning your blog, go for publishing it on other similar blogs where the text might fit in. It provides you publicity. Moreover, you may outsource the book as a low-cost option to put it in front of people.

8) Content Layering:

The average time people spend on any website is less than half a minute. It understood that this time is not enough for someone to read the whole post or even parts of it.

1.    An exciting way to avoid it is by layering your content with hyperlinks. Hyperlink many keywords to previously uploaded posts which are relevant.

2.    Use bullets to highlight the significant points of your file and link them with their explanations down the page.

9)  Crafty titles and keywords

Researching the most appropriate keywords is an important task to support your blogging efforts. Spend a reasonable amount of time to choose the correct word. Monitor other blogs and take note of what is publish and how. Once you find the appropriate vocabulary, try framing crafty titles and headings out of it.

Having a good page title is also very important to make sure that search engines enlist your page and do not have a hard time finding out what your page. Ease your way in the search results.

10) Eat. Sleep. Blog and Repeat!

If you are not a beginner and have been long in the game, you will know that bringing traffic to your page is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and toil.

Although, as traffic increases, it opens up new gates of opportunities- even financially- which can help you reach your goal quicker.

So keep going on along the road, and you will soon reach your destination.

Rinse and repeat.


Almost every other blogger puts a question about increasing traffic, and this is a never-ending trend. However, having a blog comes with the responsibility of uploading quality content and staying true to your readers. But having this responsibility does not make you burdened, feel happy, and enjoy about carrying it forward. Have fun blogging!

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