10 Best Workouts for Weight Loss – weight loss exercise at home

weight loss exercise at home

You may want to lose weight because of personal reasons, but the most important one should be the path to improved health. You must be aware that excess weight can be the root cause of various health issues like increased blood-sugar level, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol levels. It is necessary to maintain a healthy body weight.

Losing weight is not an easy task, but it is achievable if you make the correct lifestyle choice. Living a balanced life, eating healthily, and regular physical activity can help you reduce weight. You may take a few fat burning food items or beverages which not only taste good but also helps your workout- just like Dybesweet Fat Burning shake.

weight loss exercise at home

Before we go ahead with some effective workouts, it is essential to know the following points:

1.    Exercising should not be a one-time thing. It should be a part of the routine meaningfully.

2.    Working out is not very easy, and you will need to push yourself each time.

3.    Find a workout which suits your body and which you enjoy doing.

4.    Eat right and keep track of what goes in your body. If you find it challenging to decide what to eat, try Trim Aid – Diet Food for weight loss.

Some workouts which you can try out in your weight-loss journey

1)    CrossFit

CrossFit combines bodyweight exercises and cardio along with weight lifting. It results in a high-intensity workout, which makes you push yourself as hard as you can.

Workouts are varied- you may be doing several exercises which suit your physique and ability- from squats to box jumps, anything. They are designed to be short and intense, with only a few breaks to keep the body warmed up.

Some basic CrossFit exercises:

weight loss exercise at home

2) Tabata

Tabata is designed to be a high-intensity training circuit. It consists of 20 seconds of hard efforts followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated eight times. The exercises may vary as Tabata is just the protocol to be followed. You may choose a quick spot running set or a battle rope slamming game.  The critical component is keeping the workout time intense and resting time minimal- for 4 minutes.

This technique spikes your heart-rate and metabolism.

Note: However, carrying out Tabata (No -follow)makes your body adapt to it very quickly. To continue receiving benefits, you must increase the intensity periodically.

3) Skipping rope

Age-old activities like rope jumping are not so favorite these days. However, this inexpensive and portable workout method makes your heart race within a few seconds!

Few things to keep in mind while skipping:

1.    Maintain a good symmetry while you jump.

2.    Use your wrists to turn the rope.

3.    Maintain a steady pace and light bound. Do not jump too high or kick your knees back.

You may alternate your rope sets with other basic exercises like Plank or Mountain climber. It will make your workout versatile.

weight loss exercise at home

4) Running ( moderate pace )

It might seem an essential exercise to perform, but it is a sure way to burn fat and calories. Though it is not a very solid technique to build or maintain muscle, however, it improves our aerobic capacity- leading to better respiration and makes the heart race.

●    If you’re running on a treadmill, it is suggested to use some inclination to simulate running outside,

●    If you’re running outside, try out different routes each time. It helps you change your pace, distance, or speed accordingly- providing variations to your runtime.

5) Kettlebells

Kettlebells workout combines cardio and strength-training. It is highly effective in burning calories. Most of the cardio exercises are less effective in building muscles- this is an exception.

The best way to do it is doing with moderately heavy kettlebells. Not too light, not too heavy.

Take about 30-40 seconds of movement with a 20-30 seconds rest between sets. Repeat this cycle several times.

Kettlebells come in different weights. Choose according to your strength.

weight loss exercise at home

6) Stair climber

This workout does not require any machine or accessories, still offers an effective way to burn calories. The calorie quotient is not very high but suitable if you are not hitting the gym and still want some exercise. As compared to straight walking, climbing stairs makes you use more muscles. But at the same time, it puts a lot more pressure on your knees. If you have a bad knee, you might want to skip this one exercise. Otherwise, you are good to go about climbing some stairs on a routine basis!

7) Lunges

Lunges help to tighten your hip and thigh muscles. At the same time, they are also known to help in weight reduction. It tones your body and also increases your heart rate to the fat burning level if done regularly.

The most practical combination of the lunges made with cardio.

You may combine 30 minutes of cardio with a 15-minute lunge walk and burn about 400 calories!

How to go about lunges?

1.    Stand straight, then move one leg forward.

2.    Move your body forward by flattening your thigh (as horizontal as you can).

3.    Do not push your pin too far. The knee should not touch the floor.

4.    Then move your body forward using the other leg to stand straight again.

weight loss exercise at home

8) Seated Dips

Seated dips affect your triceps, shoulders, and chest. It makes the upper body toned and activates a lot of muscles in a single exercise. Therefore, it helps in burning calories and results in weight loss.

How to go about dips:

1.    Use a bench or support at your back.

2.    Place your hands on it with palms facing backward.

3.    Bend your elbows subtly and lower down your body while exhaling.

4.    Hold the position with your arms straight for a few seconds, then come back up. Repeat a few times.

weight loss exercise at home

9) Jumping Jacks

If you cannot make it up to the gym. Many exercises can make up your physical activity- jumping jacks is a good one.

It thoroughly warms up your body, which raises the body temperature, tones, and strengthens muscles.

Once you’re into jumping for a few seconds, it makes your breathing more in-depth and provides more oxygen to your muscles.

weight loss exercise at home

10) Zumba

If you’re not a gym person, you may go for exercise routines like Aerobics or Zumba. Zumba also has an additional point that it includes dancing. If you’re into dancing, then this is just the workout routine for you.

Zumba loosens your body and burns calories. Always dancing makes Zumba a high-intensity circuit wherein your heart beats faster and improves your breathing. In between, sets of squats, jumps, twists, etc. are incorporated to enhance the intensity.

Not just in burning calories, Zumba also relieves stress, and you’ll have fun!


Exercising makes a difference to your body structure and state of mind. But if it is not complemented by good eating habits- which includes all the nutrients, vitamins, fibers- your efforts will not reap a fruit. Along with your diet, you can also go for Supplements for Weight Loss. These supplements work on the principle of increased metabolism.  All the steps if taken correctly, can be visible through the changes in how you look and feel.

So make a plan and follow it routinely if you wish to reduce weight and live a healthy life!

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