What’s more, coming next on to PUBG mobile updates?

What’s more, coming next on to PUBG mobile updates? PUBG for PC is most definitely one of the most popular battleground games, if not the most. If you have been struggling along with the game, look out for the cheats and tricks that can effectively help bring back the best for you. That being said, there is also quite a good chunk of factors that are pushing the future of PUBG for the better. One of the most critical factors being the fact that the players of this game are expected to receive more updates shortly that can most definitely help in gaining the best of experience altogether. In here, we are going to walk you through some of those fantastic upcoming updates that the majority of the players have been looking forward. Zombie modeThe very first and possibly the most beneficial one of the updates that many of the players are looking forward to is the inclusion of Zombie mode.

What’s more, coming next on to PUBG mobile updates?

The players have been witnessing hints around the Evangel of the infestation of the zombies on the land. The zombie mode is most definitely one of those factors that are believed to leave the players in a complete state of shock.Vikendi stable mapYet another one of the possible update that many of the players are on the lookout for is the inclusion of the Vikendi durable map. The same is still in the beta stage, and the developers are working on the same to bring about the best of results in the end. To address the lags and the latency of the process, the same is currently being developed and is believed to come into effect soon to help wipe out the issues that the people have been facing with the map. Moonlight mode with the Vikendi map in progress, yet another one of the additions that many of the players are on the lookout for is the moonlight mode in Vikendi. PUBG even shared a short teaser of the same, and the players have gone gaga over the same. This specific mode is believed to first implemented on the PC version of the game following which the same is going to be launched for the mobile version too. There are still lingering doubts as to when the same is going to happen. One of the Reddit users did say that the moonlight mode is going to be a lot more different in comparison, given the fact that this does have quite a lot to do with the gameplay as well. Footprints in the snow last but not the least of the game updates that the PUBG enthusiasts are looking around for is the footprints in the snow. The Vikendi players are expected to leave behind trails of footprints which are believed to help the enemies trace the players. The update is currently in progress. The overall update game with PUBG is quite extensive. The updates are rolling out very frequently to bring in something new and different every time to ensure that the audience hooked.What’s more, coming next on to PUBG mobile updates?

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